Bambi 2 part 1 You will also

Bambi 2 part 1

You will also have a chance to completely destroy your friends in battles if they ever tick you off for any reason. None of your friends will ever try to mess you again because you will now have the powerful battling skills to totally embarrass them in front of others. Be able to freestyle in a group and wow the crowd. Experience the feeling of being considered the best whenever you are rapping with other people. Gain back the respect and admiration from people who used to diss you in the past. Enjoy music more by being a musician instead of just a listener just like everyone else. Overpower your opponents to the point that they are seriously afraid of being near you. Learn the cool power eyes technique to intimidate your opponents without saying a thing! Better express how you feel in your flows. Your battle skills will also help you to freestyle much better whenever you just want to spit a freestyle rap. You can be one of the few people who live their passions and dreams to the fullest. You can show people that your dreams can come true. How to intimidate your opponent so he wont perform very well. How to bambi 2 part 1 find your opponents weakness so he will crumble in front of the crowd. How to get the crowd to favor you over your opponent. How to use your own weakness to win the battle. How to improve your rap battling skills and experience without even going into a battle. How to succeed in freestyle rap battles faster than the average MC. How to attack your opponent so he will not have a powerful comeback. How to come up with things on top of your head. Learn how to flow in the correct sequence and structure so everything bambi 2 part 1 say comes out the correct way. How to beat your opponent fast without rapping anything. How to constantly freestyle rap without running out of things to say. Learn how to find your opponents flaws and make him look so ridiculous. Discover how to make the crowd cheer you and hate your opponent.

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